Look like a thousand bucks
Now, I know a lot of us don't have a thousand bucks to splurge on an outfit, so now what? Well. You could go to Target. Forever 21, H&M. But wait. These stores are for outfits that cost a fraction of the price that I want to look like. Well, what makes up those a thousand dollars?

Your confidence.

No, I'm not being sarcastic. Your posture means everything. Think tall, and imagine a string attached to the top of your head, pulling you upwards. That's correct posture. I don't care if you're 6 foot tall (I'm 5"9' so I can relate), NEVER NEVER SLOUCH. I learnt this the hard way. Whenever somebody tells you to "stand up straight", take the advice to heart. It means a lot.

Now don't snort or scoff at me. I'm sure you've heard this 100 times, but it's also 100% true. Another thing, so I don't seem like Lil Miss Sunshine, if outfit-wise, you wanna look like a bombshell as well, splurge on classics. A nice LBD, figure-hugging jeans, a nice halter top, several cardigans. And you're set!

 Enjoy the rest of your summer!


A Cold Shower
One of the easiest tips that I've learnt is to use cold water for your hair as a final rinse. This is to seal your cuticles, and lock in shine. This also eliminates unwanted frizz (which is way too common in humid summer weather).

But I hate cold water on my body, so right after my shower, I go to the sink, turn the knob to the coldest setting, flip my hair over into the sink basin, and shake my roots. If you can't do this, just tilt your head backwards and make sure the water can't get to your body, only your hair.

After you're done with your shower, BLOT your hair dry, never rub your hair onto your towel as it's too harsh on your delicate locks. There you go, gorgeous locks for a gorgeous girl!

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Welcome to heartmeg!
Hi and welcome to heartmeg's livejournal. This livejournal is to function as a series of posts to improve self-confidence and make your life slightly easier. Blog entries may range from fashion, beauty, good reads, to everyday tips. :)

So first tip:

The key to a great style is sorting out a) your body shape, b) what colors look good on you (signature color), c) some inspiration!

a. There are four main types of female body shape - the Pear, Rectangle, Hourglass, and the Apple.

Shape Uno: For the Pear shape, your bottom (waist down) is slightly larger than your top (waist up, no duh). This means, a small waist and bigger hips/butt area. Tops that work well would be ruffled tops, a dramatic cut, or wider necklines to show off your gorgeous shoulders. This is because you want to balance your bottom half. Don't choose tops that are baggy, instead, opt for a 3/4 length top. Bottoms include a high waisted a-line skirt, boot-cut jeans with a mid/high-rise, wrap dresses. Also, try darker colors if you want form fitting jeans. This is to emphasize your curves.

Shape Two: Rectangle shaped women are sometimes high-end models (try Victoria Secret Angels, for example). You have strong shoulders, and proportional hips. To create more curves, try 'belted silhouettes' - just add a belt over your mid-section, turtleneck, ruffled tops, floral/crocket detailing on a, perhaps one shoulder top. Bottoms should include form fitting skinny jeans (a darker wash, preferably), a pencil skirt, tailored trousers, or even a bandage skirt. These are the best ways to create the illusion of curves, show off your toned legs, and straight figure. This is one of the easiest shapes to dress, because you can pull off a lot of clothing.

Shape 三: For the Hourglass figure, the measurement of your bust is similar to the length of your hips. You have a defined waist. For tops, look for halter tops, V-necks, belted tops, and vertical stripes. This is to enhance your bust and narrow waist area. You lucky girl! For bottoms, opt for pencil skirts, a-line skirts, flared jeans, and tapered/loose trousers. This is to show off your wonderful figure - as it is the most enviable shapes (only around 8% of women have it!) For you, try to show off your curves rather than hide it under baggier clothing.

Shape quatre: For the last figure, the Apple figure, your bust are larger than your hips. On top, try v-necks, flowing tanks, long shirttails. These are to give you soft silhouettes. On the bottom, opt for skinny jeans to show off those legs, an a-line skirt, boot-cut jeans, and trousers with back pockets to (if needed) give a bigger rear. Opt for fuller skirts rather than skin tight dresses. Monochromatic outfits/different shapes of the same color will make you look taller. You can wear tiny string bikini bottoms to look super hot in this blazing weather!

Remember, always try to ENHANCE your figure rather than hiding it. Always show off your best bits. Whatever you wear, wear with confidence, if makes such a huge difference, honestly. :)

Tune in heartmeg for parts b and c and more tips! You're always the most beautiful when you think tall and smile!



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